Five Features Of Days Gone You Should Know

Five Features Of Days Gone You Should Know

The game enthusiast who loves to play thrill and action for those Days Gone is the best option. If you are looking for the source to download this drive open-world experience, then check on the  codex. Here you will get the complete version of the game and download it without any hassle. Now, if you want to know why you should play this awesome game to kick out your free time, then below there are given its features. Let’s begin so you can read and install the game.

Interesting Story

Days Gone is about the post-apocalyptic world where the deadly plague ravaged the world. It killed a lot of the population, and those who left were converted into mutated, zombified, and ravenous creatures, also known as Freakers. The survivors have to struggle to kill the deadly beast. Deacon St Joh, a former biker, will help the survivors and is the mercenary slash hunter who will fight against the zombies. You can play by setting as during the daytime, the zombified creatures are slower, so you can attack them while they are freaks. Thus, are ferocious and stronger. So, before playing, consider the setting before attempting any activity. You can check the codex gaming site where the full aspect about the game is described for more information.


While playing the game, you will come across the freakers who are known as stars of the show. Some highlighted freakers are Swarmers, who are aggressive and agile zombies who come across you in massive hordes. Newts are the younger zombies who stay away from creatures and humans they are weak. Screamers are the third type who call to Swarmers by screaming to spot the prey. Some other freakers include bears, wolves, ravens, and a lot more.

Freakers Nests

These are the fast travel points that you should unlock first by burning them and clearing all the freakers. If you got these points, you could chase to the next level quickly. Check the video at codex to learn more about the Freakers nest in the game.


The game length is about 30 hours, so if you are free from the exam, you can easily chase all levels within two to three days. The length of the game is ideal for the open-world title. 


The last but not the least aspect about Days gone is the bike. It is the Deacon’s best friend, and he travels on his bike to fight against the freakers. It has own mechanics and system. You can customize the bike to improve its performance, modify it according to the requirement of the level. The modifications will surely help you to survive in the game. As you chase, you get options of upgradation. Choose them, customize the bike, and fight with zombies and freakers.

These are the features that make the Days gone interesting and full of enjoyment. You can download through codex and have a wonderful experience of playing the game.